Why Your Tweets Are Getting Low Engagement

Posting on social media and getting results that can help you grow your brand are two different things. A good number of people post on a daily basis but still do not meet their goals because they miss a few points on how to succeed in social media marketing. Twitter attracts business owners from different industries because it enables them to communicate using the least words possible but still make an impact. The big question, why do some people get retweets, likes on their posts and thousands of replies on their tweets while others get none? The following are the reasons why your tweets are getting low engagement.

    1. Inconsistency in posting

It does not hurt when you come up with a plan that indicates what you post when you will do it and who you will target. When people note your posting schedule, they will always be looking for your posts and be ready to engage. You can set a day maybe once in a month to answer questions that are in your niche. Make sure that your promotional posts are different from educative and informative posts that you make once in a while. Check out how famous brands are crafting their strategies and come up with one.

    1. Assuming that you can do everything on your own


It is true that marketing on social media can be cost effective and cheaper than using traditional platforms. However, it is also involving and can drain all the energy you need to come up with winning products and strategies. To make your account active, you need to keep your followers engaged all the time. Such commitment is hard to manage especially if your job is the demanding type. You can escape the challenge by automating some functions. Income Artist reviews some of the best bots you can use to post, get likes, answer queries and follow new users.

    1. Poor quality posts

The essence of tweeting is to pass a message which should be clear and direct to the point. Making derogatory posts will not attract engagement but drive customers away from your profile. You must ensure that every post you make adds value to your followers. The retweets you make should also not deviate from the vision of your brand. Ensure that you use the right dimensions when you include images and videos in your posts. Use a simple language that everyone can understand.