Ways to Communicate Better on Instagram

Ways to Communicate Better on Instagram

You have to perfect the art of talking to your audience on Instagram. See, no one must follow you on Instagram let alone like your posts. So, you must find ways of keeping people interested in your brand and what it has to offer. Here’s is a rundown of some ideas.

Hold Contests

Your audience could make do with free stuff. Consider creating contests once a while to give them goodies for being loyal followers.  More than that, competitions give your audience a reason to read your posts more often and leave likes and comments. The ripple effect is that your engagement levels can skyrocket, leading to more sales.

Introduce your Staff

Don’t just post photos of your products – make sure that you show your followers the people behind your brand. That way, you will create some form of curiosity and trust. And, there’s no better way to make people follow you if you give them a reason to believe that you know what you’re talking about have a team to back you up.

Post Relevant Photos

Sure, Instagram is a place of snaps and cute images. However, you can’t promote your spa or restaurant by posting unrelated photos. Your images have to be related to your posts and what you want to sell. You can get images from places such as Flickr, Facebook and so on. Plus, in this era of smartphones, taking good, high-quality snaps shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Re-live Events

When you have an event, say a party promoting your brand, it is always a good idea to relive it on your Instagram timeline. Your audience would love to know what happened, especially those that were not in attendance. You can even post the video to a specific even a year later after it happened. Why?  Well, this is a brilliant tactic to bring back memories and most importantly get a like or two.


This is perhaps the most crucial tactic that you should master if you want to talk better with your Instagram followers. See, there is a lot of information out there on virtually any topic. Your content, therefore, shouldn’t be a repeat of the same old stuff that no one wants to read or hear.

Make educating the audience your number one priority. Your followers should learn something new every time they go through your posts. Be sure to research on your material before posting it on Instagram. On top of that, give trending topics a fresh, unique twist to make it worth reading.

The Bottom Line

How you communicate could determine the level of success you’ll end up receiving on Instagram. The more you learn the art, the better. Don’t forget to automate some of your tasks such as liking and commenting. Speaking of which, check out SWS mag to know which services to use if you had subscribed to the now defunct Instagress. Of course, you want to get value for your money, right?