View Some High Tech Infrared heaters

An infrared heater makes use of new technology to heat up our homes. This device radiates infrared waves. These heat up the objects in the room that we want warmed up. These objects in turn radiate the heat and keep all who are in the room comfortably warm. The earlier heaters worked by heating up the air in the room. This was not efficient since the air lost the heat very fast. However, since the infrared heater heats up the objects in the room, the heat is retained for much longer. Here is a host of the best infrared heaters that you can buy today.

The iLiving infrared heater

This is a very beautiful and portable infrared heater. It is designed with a Dual Heat System. This means that it can easily radiate two times as much heat as regular infrared heaters. In addition to this, the device is very silent. It is fitted with high tech blowing technology. This setup allows it to keep working with noise levels of less that 39 decibels (dB). The iLiving heater is also designed with safety feautres. It has a system that prevents it from tipping over. Moreover, it also has a feature that prevents it from overheating. As such, when you use this device you can be sure that your home is safe from accidental fires or harming children and pets.

The heater has a digital panel that shows you important information about it. It can also be contolled using a remote control. This infrared heating device is also optimized to keep your energy costs very low. It is fitted with an Auto Energy saving mode. This one allows the heater to operate using less electrical energy while still providing the proper heat for your home. The thermostat in the infared heater has a comfortable heating range. It can cover tempertures between 50 and 86 degrees. This device has been certified by professional certification body, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in both the USA and Canada. As such, you can be sure that it is a genuinely effective heater. For only $118.99, you can get this unbelievable device.

The Lifesmart Compact Power Plus

If you want to heat up a large room, this is the ideal infrared heater for you. The Lifesmart Compact Power Plus can heat up an unbelievable 800 square feet effectively. It makes use of 3 heating elements to make this possible. The elements are made of quartz and are covered in high conductivity metal. Due to this construction, the elements have heat exchanger capability. Thus, it releases more heat. To make your experience even more enjoyable when using this device, it is equipped with a Lifetime Air Filter.

Due to its high heat output capability, this device uses up 1500 watts of electricity. It has 3 settings of heat output that you can choose from. One of these is known as an Eco setting. At this setting, the Lifesmart heater makes use of only 500 watts. It is tastefully crafted in a plastic cabinet with a mesh in the front. It is quite light as well tipping the scales at a mere 12 pounds. As such, you can contact for more information concerning your heating needs.