Two Different Drivers And Their Salient Features

Drill machines have become really important in the recent times as these machines can help you in various drilling operation with subtle ease and minimal fuss. There are various varieties of drills and drivers that are currently available in the market and they help you in a variety of operations such as wooden drilling, concrete drilling, screw driving or others. But when you look to buy one for home, you are too confused about the selection but you can have a look on the website of Drills and Drivers which is and get some vital information about the various drivers and their uses.

For sake of your convenience, here is a list of some lesser known drivers along with their applications that will help you to buy them if you are in need of such specific operations:

Right angled drills:

One of the most advanced variety of drills; the right angled drills are more commonly used for screw driving in short spaces where you find it a little bit difficult to place a normal screw. The constructions of the right angled drills allow you to easily put the drill along the short spaces and ease up your operation to a great deal.

The basic difference between  normal drivers to that of a right angled one is that while the former has a short handle and longer head the latter is just quite opposite with long handles and shorter heads that make it suitable for complex drilling applications.

It is also very easy to add extensions to these right angled drills which make them so versatile as it increases your reach by a good margin and thus makes the drilling jobs a whole lot easier. It can do all the operations that a normal driver can but is also very good for tight spacing.

Impact drivers:

As the name suggests, the impact drivers are high power drivers that can be used for drilling applications where you need to apply greater force by making a huge impact on the concrete, steel or other rigid materials thus helping you heavily if you have tiles in your house.

Most of these drivers have got a reasonable torque which is coupled with a great rotation speed which makes the impact so very powerful and helps you to drill through without much of a problem. The back torque is also very high and that is why it is always used by the professionals as they are more adept at it. While buying an impact driver, you must have a check upon the voltage to the torque ratio, the lesser it is, the better is the quality of your driver as for less power you get more force.