Top Instagram Marketing Trends of 2018

If you are a brand looking to grow your business on Instagram, then consistency and adapting to changing technology is one of the ways to achieve your dream. For now, you must be knowledgeable about the need for social media and what is happening in the digital world because it impacts on how you work.

So, what trends should you be aware of that are pushing more people to Instagram?

Growth Hacking

Every marketing expert understands the benefit and needs to drive revenue. This means that you need to understand where and when your online customers are congregating and find a way to get your message to them. You, therefore, have to create content that keeps your followers looking back to you.

This means you have to find a way to increase the number of followers to your site to remain relevant. To this end, you can opt for an automated tool such as Boostfy, which gives you all the features you need to build a targeted following. You can check out to read more about this tool and what it can do for you.

Video Content

Previously, it was all about images and text on Instagram and how you get the message to the users. Things have been taken a notch higher, and you can now leverage videos as well.

The videos are short, which requires you to make sure you come up with content that can convert within a minute. The video allows you to post video ads to your Instagram page and make sure you showcase your products or applications to your audience. Don’t throw a video there; make sure you include hashtags in the post to make the video discoverable.

Influencer Marketing

You need to understand that Instagram is all about numbers – the more followers you have, likes, comments and more make you appealing to brands. With the right control over the niche, you can make some money promoting products and services offered by other companies to your audience.

Influencer marketing is growing in importance, and it also helps you to get your word out for a small fee.

In Conclusion

The trends of social media marketing in 2018 require more than just adding some more images to your page – you need to do more. You need to make use of videos, grow your audience the right way and use influencer marketing tactics to extend your reach.