The Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Recumbent Exercise Machine

The recumbent bikes are very popular nowadays because more and more people want to have a healthy life and work out, but not all of them are healthy enough for every type of equipment you can find at the gym. Some conditions limit your possibilities at the gym and it is better to buy an exercise machine for home use which will provide you with the support and the protection your body needs. For example, it is very healthy to workout at old age, because this is the key to prolong your youth, but the time leaves its mark on most of us and the pains and the joint problems don’t skip you.

The recumbent bikes protect your joints and they are injury and rehab friendly. This means that they are recommended for people who are trying to get over an accident, or for the elderly who cannot exercise like they used to, because of different joint problems and pains. The exercises you can do on these bikes have a lower impact on your joints and this is a big benefit.

The most amazing offers are detailed on, and here you can learn as well how to choose the best recumbent exercise machine for your needs and for your family. However, there are a few things you should keep on mind and they will guide you towards choosing the best of them:

Choose a comfortable seat

The seat is very important because it has to be comfortable so you will do the exercises easier, but it contributes to the efficiency of the machine as well. It has to fit your bottom and it needs a lumbar support. Most of the bikes come with bigger seats, so that it will fit even a bigger person, but if it doesn’t fit you, you can always buy an individual new one.

Adjustable pedals with a good clamping mechanism

When you are pedaling you need a good mechanism that will keep your feet from sliding from the pedal. Also, if you have very big feet you might need separate pedals. However, most of them are adjustable and they fit the usual feet sizes.

A customizable bike

Not only the pedal has to be adjustable, the entire recumbent bike has to be adjustable. The seat, the handles, the distance between the seat and the pedals, the backrest, all these components need to be adjustable so that your position will be the right one. If you are exercising in a wrong position you can harm your body and aggravate the pain.

Size, assembly and portability

These bikes aren’t that small, you need space for them and you should check if they fit your house. Moreover, you should ask if it will need to be assembled when it arrives and if you can transport it easily if you move.

Check the weight limit

This is an important aspect if you are a bit overweight. Some bikes have a limit, of about 150 kg and if you are heavier you have to check for special bikes that can support your weight.