Organizing a Successful Local Foosball Tournament

Foosball is one of the fastest-growing games globally. The major reason for this is that the game is simple yet competitive and fun. If you have been playing this game on the table in your house, it is time to take it a notch higher and see what other foosball players within your locality are doing. Let us look at the various steps in organizing a successful foosball tournament.

Set a Date and Time for the Tournament

You need to establish the day of the week and the time of the tournament before doing anything else. The best days of the week are Fridays and Saturday evenings, because the players don’t have to get up the next day to go to work or to attend a class. The only downside for choosing these days is that most people are out for the weekend, and the weekend crowd might be too noisy. Make sure you understand the dynamics of the social places before making the ultimate decision

Estimate the Duration

The time this tournament kicks off depends on a host of factors. First, you need to know what time the venue is available and what time it closes. The time it closes also depends on the prevailing rules governing social places. Additionally, you need to know how many players are likely to register for the tournament and the available resources. All in all, you need to complete the tournament in a single night. For instance, 16 players (8 team bracket) competing against each other can complete the game within 5 hours if you have 4-5 tables available.

The more the tables the faster you get to complete the competition. To prevent confusion, handle the registration half an hour before the tournament starts. Failure to start at the stipulated time will spoil your chances of hosting another game in future.

Make sure the game doesn’t run too late such that players get stranded. Additionally, follow a strict directive to make sure the game doesn’t drag too slowly.

Get a Venue

If you plan to host a foosball competition just for your friends or colleagues, a single foosball table in a game room is enough. However, if you are planning a tournament for players from your locality, you need a social hall, a pub or the local arcade. The number of players and pools will dictate the number of tables to have.

Gather the Necessary Equipment

Make sure you have everything you need for the day. Unless the venue has the foosball tables and other accessories within the premises, you need to borrow or rent enough tables to accommodate the player pools. You also need extra balls and spare parts to repair any tables that break during the games.

Plan for the Prizes

To motivate the players and register a good turn up, you need to have awards for the winners. You can approach local businessmen and companies, social places or foosball equipment manufacturers and sell the idea to them. They will be more than willing to support both financially and in any other way. You can also make use of entry fees from the participants that you later divide among the winners. Use part of the collections from sponsors to buy trophies and other mementos. You can have a trophy for the “best trick shot” or “least wins”. Some of the common mementos include hats, mugs and t-shirts.

Advertise the Tournament

Get the word out there. Tell your friends, post on local websites, and hand out flyers at social places or send out text messages.

Come Up With the Rules

If you are planning any tournament with prizes, come up with rules as stipulated in the national association. Make sure you read the rules to the players before the tournament starts. You can have printed copies of the same in case of any dispute.

Organize the Brackets

Having a lot of participants requires you to organize them into brackets. Set up pools depending on the talent level. Have a board to update the scores.

Final Words

Planning a foosball tournament is easy if you follow a guideline. Make sure you have all the equipment and accessories to make the whole process smooth. Secure the venue, keeping in mind the times and duration of the tournament. You can get more tips, guides and a review of the best tables and equipment by visiting Foosball Fanatic.