Instagram Lead Generation Tips for Real Estate Agents

If you want to be a real estate agent superstar, join Instagram. Seriously! There are close to one billion users now, and a staggering 4.2 billion likes every day. Plus, if you choose the right hashtag, you can rank faster than using traditional SEO tactics. But, that’s not the only thing you need to do. Here’s how to become famous on Instagram as a real estate agent.

Brand Yourself

You have to create a strong brand on Instagram to stand out. In other words, you want to become the to-go-to agent when a prospective client thinks of selling or buying a home. Post beautiful photos of homes so that you can tell a visual story that anyone would be interested in. On top of that, keep yourself up to date with what’s happening within your industry so you can be a source of helpful information for your followers.

Know Where to Get your Customers

Sure, not everyone on Instagram is looking for a home to buy or sell. You should, therefore, find a way of pinpointing your ideal customers. Search your prospects by location. That way, you can get a list of local clients who may be interested in your service. And because most of your prospective client’s accounts are public, make sure that you follow, comment, like and tag other people. Make it your goal to comment on at least 20 to 30 local posts in your area. The only thing that you will need to do is to write helpful and genuine comments. In other words, don’t spam.

Get Enough Social Proof

To become famous on Instagram, you need to show your followers that you know what you’re talking about. You want to come across as an expert in your field. So make sure that you show your audience visually that you know a specific location better than anyone else. In fact, the more social proof you have, the easier it is to bag buyers, sellers, and referrals.

The Bottom Line

To stand out on Instagram as a real estate agent, you have to perfect your marketing skills. Also, try to be different from everyone else. Other than that, be sure to read these tips by Fred Harrington on how to become famous on Instagram. Plus, get as many followers as you can. At the end of the day, you must have a significant crowd behind you for people to take you seriously.