Important Tips to Keep your Home Tidy and Organized

Irrespective of what you do day in day out, you will agree with me that keeping your house tidy and organized can be quite tasking. You must find the time to clean even if you have a tight or busy schedule. Keeping the house tidy entail’s a lot of work, and it also depends on many factors including how busy you are, how many people live in the house, and whether you have kids or pets in the house.  It is no surprise that some people rarely look forward to their next cleaning date.

Nonetheless, remember that tidiness and organization do not happen instantly, it takes time. Therefore, keeping your home clean and organized by putting in place the necessary habits should be given an upper hand over the amount of time taken to do so. Thus, focus on making progress and establish consistent routines so as to have a much easier task. If you are weighing up establishing a cleaning routine, the tips highlighted in this article will be of great use to help you deal with all the clutter and mess that you often find yourself struggling with.


Vacuuming your floors regularly is essential in maintaining clean and dust-free indoor environment. Whether you have hard floors or piles of carpet in your house, there are different vacuum cleaners designed to fit with various needs. They come with varying strength and suction power, making some options better and more ideal for certain tasks than others. Take for example if you have pets in your house, you need to have a vacuum that can pick up the pet hair with ease. Technology in the modern day has also made it easy for people to carry out their day to day tasks. As such, you can have your house vacuumed while on the go using robotic vacuum cleaners. These small intelligent devices can be programmed to clean the floors at a particular time of the day at various intervals. You can get more info from online sources including websites and blogs to get a more detailed insight into vacuum cleaners and how to choose one that best matches your needs.


Cleaning entails a lot, more so, a lot of time is taken up, and you may end up rushing through tasks to complete all the cleaning duties in a single session. For this reason, it is important to identify all the tasks that need to be done and list them down. Then, select the tasks that are the most urgent and give them priority over those that can wait, that is, depending on the amount of time you have available. This way, you will undertake the most important tasks for the day and have sufficient time to rest before tackling the others later on.

Get everyone on board

Cleaning is one thing but maintaining the cleanliness and organization of your home is another. This is so especially if you do not live alone. As such, ensure that everybody in the household is involved. If you have kids, it is important that you lead by example and teach them how to enhance the organization of your home. For instance, train them to clean up their rooms, put dishes in the dishwasher, and encourage them to dump shoes, socks and other attires where it is appropriate. As simple as it may sound, it goes a long way in ensuring that the house is more organized and tidier.

Keep the necessary cleaning equipment close to their place of use

Keeping the cleaning supplies close to where you will be using them makes it easy and quicker to clean the said area when need be. Take the bathroom, for instance, the necessary cleaning supplies required include a toilet scrub brush, polishing cloth, a spray bottle, detergents, disinfectant, and vinegar among others. With all these supplies available in the bathroom, you can always give it a quick clean up and wipe off any dirt from the mirror or bowls rather than running around the house tracking the supplies.  Some of the quick swipes, which take less than two minutes, can save you a lot of time and energy when doing a deep top to bottom cleaning.