Host a Hawaii Themed Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great tradition held for new mom to celebrate the arrival of their first children and to help them out a bit by showering them with gifts for the new baby. Although everyone loves an alcoholic beverage at parties, it is the one occasion where it is better to shy away from these beverages so the new mom won’t feel left out of the party. A Hawaiian baby shower is the perfect summer baby shower because you can keep all your guests content with smoothies!

Get the best smoothie maker for the big event

If you’re hosting for a lot of people, then don’t toy around with cheap blenders. Get a good quality blender that will not let you down during the baby shower event and make delicious smoothies for all your guests. At Smoothy Makers Paradise you will get the reviews on the latest and best smoothie makers so check it out yo.


Set up a smoothie bar!

Get your guests to create their own unique smoothies by creating a fruity smoothie bar where they can add and mix to their hearts content. It is a great way to keep your guests pre-occupied and a fun way to entertain everyone. Your smoothie bar should include coconut milk, milk, ice cream, various fruits, perhaps some vegetables like cucumber, a few spices like cinnamon and definitely some whipped cream. You should also add some toppers so they can decorate their smoothies with cherries, nuts or sprinkles.

Your snack table

Include a lot of traditional Hawaiian meals to your snack table such as fruit kebabs, umbrella jelly shots, themed cupcakes, nuts and dried fruits and delicious salty snacks. With a little bit of imagination and a lot of effort, you can create a wonderful food bar that everyone will love to explore.

Go Hawaii crazy!

Once you have established your smoothie and snack bars, it is time to move on to the décor. You can go Hawaii crazy and flower everything up. Create a fake beach by buying a load of sand and set your table right in the middle of the heap so your guests can dig their toes into the sand while they sip on delicious smoothies and chit chat with one another. You should also include a lot of sea shells, leaves, tiny umbrellas, tropical fruits and bright colors into your decorations so the theme can stand out.


It is always nice to say thank you for all the gifts your guests will be presenting to the new mother. You can do this by supplying your guests with a Hawaii themed party favor to express your gratitude for having them attend the party.