Harmful Consequences of Instagram Overuse

Harmful Consequences of Instagram Overuse

Instagram can be an attractive social media platform. The platform is quite convenient and visually appealing, and also portable thanks to its mobile apps. However, too much Instagram use may affect people. Of course, different people would react varyingly to the same situation, so only possibilities will be listed.


Ever heard of the term “Instacurities” which was coined by Mikaela Johnson in Thought Catalog? Yes, that is a sign that Instagram can make people anxious and insecure about their accounts. You may wonder, “Is that follower going to take offense from my reply? What if they will stop being my follower?” Apparently, Instagram and other social media can make a person too self-conscious, especially if they take it to heart. The important thing that people should realize is that real life matters more than social media.


A desperate Instagram user would cry out, “How do I keep responding to all my followers?”, or “What should I do to make my account more attractive?” And the list goes on. People who seriously intend to make the most out of Instagram would want to grow their account as fast as possible. However, there are times in which one should refrain from entertaining everyone. It does not hurt you to take a break from responding to your followers.


Okay, this can be one of the most common effects of Instagram. You see your friend posting a picture of their family eating at a luxurious restaurant. Then, after commending her, you feel quite envious deep inside. Perhaps you were comparing yourself to your friend. Maybe you wish that you had such a rich, warm life, or something along those lines.

Forgetting to Appreciate Your Life

Instagram and other social media can shift your focus from your reality towards others. You may end up spending time viewing and then commenting about the lives of other people. Eventually, this could lead to less contact with your own. Perhaps you could slowly forget to appreciate what you have too. Overall, one needs to learn to balance Instagram or social media and real life.

Inauthentic Stories

Instagram posts usually have photos inclined towards positivity. You mainly see the optimism of others. The biased perception can lead to a false sense of happiness. However, this point of view lacks depth and realism to it according to Fred Harrington. One needs to remember that there is more to a person’s life than the ones depicted by happy photos.

Lowered Self-Esteem

Overuse of Instagram may lead to lowered self-esteem. Instagram anxiety may slowly crush your self-confidence. Also, envying other people’s lives, particularly the positive side, can hinder you from living your own. Furthermore, inactivity in your own life can limit the possibilities opened for you.

Staying Healthy While Using Instagram

Instagram is not all bad. One can derive benefits from Instagram or other social media. For example, you may connect with other people and see their lives unfold. Furthermore, Instagram can be used to derive inspiration. As long as one does not keep idling in Instagram, then they probably won’t even suffer from any form of negativities.

Bots: Simple, Stress-Free Account Growth

You may be thinking that bots are bad. No, not all the time. You use a bot to grow your account, granting time for yourself. Fred Harrington discusses an example of bot followers. Overall, bots are not as bad as people make it seem.


Instagram is quite beneficial as a social media platform. However, people tend to spend too much time on Instagram and take it too seriously. Consequently, one may suffer from harmful effects of overuse. In the end, you should healthily use Instagram, so you will not suffer from its overuse.