Applying Growth Hacking to Instagram

Growth Hacking Your Way In To Instagram

Growth hacking must be invented by millennials or the generated that followed them as it’s a true hype word and for me it indicates laziness. For the ones who invented it probably sounds genius, efficient, what not to grow your account but you could just as well say something like ‘post viral stuff’ on your timeline as that’s what it really comes down to. Anyway, we’re not here to nag about millennials, we are talking about effective ways to grow your Instagram account just a little faster than your competitors.

Grow your account with the help of hashtags

This is the way to get noticed in the search results, probably there is some search panel where you can see how often certain hashtags get searched for in Instagram. If that’s not the case you can use any keyword research tool like KWFinder, or Google’s Keyword Tool in your advertising panel and take these statistics with a grain of salt. If someone searches 5000 times for this or that it probably gets searched 500 times at Instagram, simply because there’s a smaller user base.

Tag other influencers besides yourself

I see this over and over again, people tagging their very own brand but what sense does it make, they are already on your brand page or if they are searching for your brand you already show up as the first result. Your bio takes care of that for you, assuming you branded your profile so the only way to do this right is by tagging other influencers. Don’t be scared your followers abandon you for the more popular influencer, some might but overall it’s a show of strength to let them know about the competition and if you are lucky those influencers return the favor and once that happens the real magic starts as this can grow your account exponentially.

Invest a little money in shout outs

A small amount like 50 or 100 dollars can make a huge difference in the Instagram world. For the simple reason that it’s not so easy to monetize your account so any offer will be embraced with open arms. Do make sure they run a legit Instagram profile as you don’t want to send your hard earned money to someone that grew his/her account with thousands of fake followers. There are some easy ways to find that out that I highlighted in my other post so it’s not worth repeating.