German Cars and a Life Lesson

I’ve always loved the look of German cars. As a child, I often watched my dad spend his free time fixing up those cars. He worked in a shop, but during the weekends he worked on the cars he loved, and BMWs were his favorite. They became mine as well.

If you’re a car lover, you may understand my fascination with these beautiful machines.

There was something so soothing and comforting about those cars. Granted, they have the obvious aspects, such as powerful features, a strong engine, and a finely crafted appeal, but for some reason I’ve never viewed another vehicle in the same way. I’m sure my dad’s influence had much to do with my affinity for them.

Strangely enough, you’re not aware of childhood influences until the oddest moments.

After I got married and moved to England, I was pleased to see so many of them. Everywhere I turned, another one of those beauties would make its way along a busy street or quiet lane. The jolt of recognition and familiarity were always welcomed.

Since this had been happening to me for so long, I became accustomed to it. Although I resisted the impulse to purchase one for myself, finally I resigned myself to my inevitable fate.

Whether it was luck or something else, one of my coworkers told me he wanted to sell his BMW and asked if I might want it. He didn’t want to charge me anything, but I insisted. Finally, we came to an agreement that was fair to both of us.

Everything looked great until I discovered that it was one of those diesel BMWs that needed the swirl flaps replaced to prevent engine damage.

I didn’t have the time to fix it myself, nor did I trust my novice skills, so I took it to get it checked out. If you’re having the same issue or have a Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, or VAG (Audi) that needs servicing or maintenance, you should check them out.

Once my BMW came back from the shop, I was able to indulge in its power. There’s nothing more freeing than the feel of a machine like that. Even when I’m simply taking it for a relaxing afternoon drive, the delirious joy comes upon me.

I didn’t drive my car all the time, however. Most of the time I used public transportation because it was much more convenient. This method of traveling also allowed me to see other cars and wonder about their features and specs under the hood, or bonnet, I should say.

It’s always fascinating to dream about things, isn’t it?

My husband is resigned to my almost obsession with these powerful, sleek cars. He doesn’t understand at all why I prefer one vehicle over another, but he indulges me every time I want to look at one passing by or driving away.

That’s how you know someone truly cares for you. He or she puts up with your quirks, even accepts and possibly adores them. He’s a smart man, as most men are who indulge their wives.

I should mention that I did modify my car slightly when my brother came to visit from the States. He talked me into improving the sound system in my car, which means taking apart various parts of my car to install speakers and such.

The project was supposed to take only a day, but we ran into some problems, so it wasn’t finished until much later. I may have rethought the project a few times.

However, once my brother finished installing the right parts and restored my car to its familiar look, I had to admit that the trouble and wait was worth it.

Now I had another reason to take the car for a ride. I intended to enjoy my time even more as the quality of the sound added another layer to my enjoyment.

Before my brother returned home, he suggested modifying the body next time. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, so I laughed it off.

If you have a passion for fine cars, and you’re fortunate enough to possess one, take the time to enjoy it. Life is too short to worry about the things out of our control.