Five iPad Accessories for Artists

IPad painting has come of age, and you can now create your designs on a virtual canvas. However, you need the best hardware for the task, that is, apart from the iPad itself. Companies have come up with accessories that you can use to make your painting come to life. Here are a few that you can try.

1. Wacom ICS (Intuos Creative stylus)

This pen-like tool comes with a pressure sensitive tip that enables you to sketch, draw and paint the same way you do with your brushes, pens, and pencils. The pen reacts according to the amount of pressure you apply on the screen. The pen also uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate commands to the iPad. This gives you the ability to use the side button to control various functions such as the undo and redo.

This stylus uses a replaceable tip and comes with extra tips to choose from. It uses a single triple A battery.

2. Keys-To-Go by Logitech

As an artist, you need to customize different settings for your canvas and the final drawing as well. You also have to input text in most of your designs. Using the virtual keyboard that comes with the iPad is strenuous and slow, you need a physical keyboard, such as those reviewed on The keyboard from Logitech is light, thin and spill resistant. Spill resistance protects the keyboard especially for those times you experience an accidental spill.  The keyboard is also portable, making it easy for you to throw it into your satchel and head off to see a client.

3. Step Folio by iLuv

This protective case offers both front and back protection for your iPad. You can choose to remove the shoulder strap and carry the case by the handle. While not on the go, you can convert the case into a stand for the iPad. The stand gives you both landscape and portrait viewing modes. This case is made of a soft, padded but durable material that protects your iPad against dents, bumps, and scratches. The case is compatible with the iPad Air, iPad mini, mini 2 and mini 3.

4. Jot Script 2 by Adonit

You can now take down notes in your own handwriting using the Pixelpoint technology that this stylus uses. The technology means you achieve faster, clearer and smoother notes. The barrel has been designed to give you a familiar feel akin to a pen. A single charge affords you 20 hours or more of use. All you need is to fire up a compatible app and select the Jot script from the list of the available stylus and off you go.

5. Nomad Brushes

A stylus is nice and all, but nothing can beat the luxury of a hairbrush when you paint on the iPad screen. You get more satisfaction from near-real painting actions – it really feels as if you are painting on canvas.

Final Thoughts

You can transfer the experience of painting on the canvas to your iPad. However, you need the right accessories to do just that. Though the feeling cannot replace the real painting experience, you can mimic everything, from paint strokes to signing the art piece, without the burden of carrying your canvas and paint brushes around.