Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Scooters have been here with us for a long time as an economical alternative to cars for moving from one point to another. However, with the advent of electric scooters, the experience can only get better. With technology integration, motor and battery advancements, it is the high time people got to view scooters as a possible transportation mode. When it comes to buying a scooter, you can choose one from the broad range of sizes and shapes that fit varying user needs. Before joining the craze, it’s important to consider some things that will help you make a right decision. Listed below are some essential things you should keep in mind before buying an electric scooter.


There is a wide scope of designs and styles to choose from when purchasing a scooter. Whereas some come with seats, others such as the electric classic kick scooter come with no seat. You ride on it while standing, which is made possible by its extra-high handlebars. Some scooters are also lightweight and are easily folded for easy storage and transportation. If you only do style, be sure to look for other features such as front and rear suspensions as well as pneumatic tires.

Battery Choice

A good number of electric scooters use lead-acid batteries to power them up. However, others, especially the most recent models rely on lithium battery technology which is far much better and superior in many ways. For instance, it takes very minimal time, about three to four hours to get fully charged, unlike the lead-acid battery that takes much longer to fill up. Lead-acid batteries are also heavier, which is an additional downside. Even so, make sure the lithium battery you get is from a reputable brand such as LG or Samsung. Make sure it comes with a certification in addition to a charge protection system.


If you want to plunge yourself into the scooter world for the very first time, it is necessary that you educate yourself on what you should be looking for and the broad range of scooters to choose from. Websites such as http://theelectricrider.com/electric-scooter-reviews/ provide adequate information and reviews concerning different brands and models of electric scooters. Be sure to check such websites as well as other sources.


It is important to consider the route you will be taking before you decide on the type of wheels you get. For example, basic scooters tend to have small solid rubber wheels that are ideal for an even, smooth terrain. However, you may want to consider your wheel’s choice if you plan to ride on a surface that is not level. For such a terrain, you need wide pneumatic tires and both front and rear suspension.


The price of the scooter is also an important consideration that you should take into account. With electric scooters, you get the worth of the money you spend. If you want a simple scooter for light commuting, you do not need a huge budget. However, if you want one that can serve the same purpose as your car, be ready to part with a huge sum of money, up to around one thousand U.S dollars.