Best acoustic and electric guitars to get today

A guitar is an iconic instrument that ahs been in use for decades. Megastar musicians such as the late great Jimi Hendrix used their guitars to play music that shaped the culture of a generation. As such, it is clear that the guitar is a very important instrument. Before picking out the best guitar for you, it is important to know the various types of guitars that you can get today.

Types of guitars

One of the types of guitar you can get is the acoustic guitar. This is the basic guitar. It is hollow with a wooden body. It can work with no cables attached to it and its sound is deep and natural. Its opposite is the electric guitar. This is a thinner type of guitar that has levers and knobs that one can use to set the type of sound that it produces. When it is played, it produces signals of electric form and are transmitted through a cable to an amplifier. This in turn transmits them to a loudspeaker. This guitar is a major part of every rock band and the genre too. Closely related to the electric guitar is the bass guitar. This is a type of electric guitar that produces deep notes. It is often used to play the frame of a piece of music and give it structure. Now here is a review of the best acoustic guitars that you can get today.

Yamaha FG700S

Here are some ideal acoustic guitar reviews 2015 to read today. It is made of the very best materials available. Its top is constructed out of Sitka spruce wood. This wood is superb for making a guitar that sounds amazing. This is because this type of wood grows in climates that are cool. The annual tree rings of the wood are really small. As a result, the wood has fine grains and is strong. As such, it makes a great top for this guitar. The construction of this guitar is simply amazing. Its sides are also made of highest quality wood. They are constructed of Nato wood which is related to mahogany. This wood allows the Yamaha FG 700S to express strong low tones, crystal clear middle tones and sharp highs. The combination of wood that is used in this guitar allows it to be super strong. It can therefore endure many years of use. It is also a great guitar for players of all levels of experience. The tones it produces are simply next level and it will not break apart over time. Its tuning pegs are constructed out of diecast chrome. Thus they will last a long time. Its strings are also high quality. Overall, this a superb acoustic guitar to use.

The Vintage V100

For the electric guitars, one of the best to get today is the Vintage V100 guitar. It is constructed out of superb mahogany wood. Its body and neck are made of this fine wood. The guitar has details such as the pickup and tuners designed by renown designer Trev Wilkinson. As a result, it is a beautiful and very effective insutrment. It only costs $594. Overall, these are some of the best